Isla Margarita - painting on wallFounded almost 500 years ago and situated in the south east of Isla Margarita, Porlamar is highly popular with visitors despite being the largest city on the island.

In fact, many choose to stay in Porlamar and visit the many beaches as day trips instead of locating themselves at one particular beach. Some of the advantages of doing this are being able to enjoy the far wider range of entertainment, a larger choice of accommodation and dining options plus, of course, the shopping!

Porlamar really is a paradise for shoppers: with Margarita Island enjoying tax free status the streets are lined with stores and boutiques, with malls, markets and plazas providing all manner of goods at excellent prices. Centro Sambil Mall is recommended by many visitors and has some of the top labels like Gucci.

The city itself is a wonderful blend of the old and the new with plenty of history to explore, with museums and an abundance of beautiful architecture including the many Colonial buildings.

The nightlife is amazing – the city has plenty of bars, discotheques and other places to spend your evenings, there is even a casino. The dining is fantastic and definitely a step up from what is available at most of the average beach restaurants, not just the amazing variety of dishes but also the standard of food and service as well as a better class of decor.

So by staying in Porlamar you actually get the best of both worlds: easy access to the island’s beaches during the day and outstanding shopping and entertainment options of the city – enjoy!