Playa Parguito

Margarita Island beaches - Playa ParguitoAlso located in the north east of Isla Margarita, and not far from Playa El Agua is another popular beach area: Playa Parguito.

Playa Parguito can be very busy at times, particularly at the weekend and during public holidays. Like Playa El Agua the beach has nice soft sand, however it is less than one mile long and due to the rough waters it is less popular with swimmers. It is, on the other hand an ideal spot for surfing and it attracts surfers from all around the world.

If you plan to surf, please be cautious of the rocks and check on conditions locally.

Due to the rougher sea, Playa Parguito attracts less families than Playa El Agua and with the fantastic surfing conditions the crowd is generally younger, although locals seem to love this area. You may find it is packed on Saturday and Sunday. You will find the usual mix of accommodation, restaurants, shops and bars though it is certainly less developed than Playa El Agua. Many consider this a positive point.

Accommodation can be rented at Villa Cabo Blanco, who have apartments with one, two and three bedrooms as well as hotel style rooms. Be sure to book Playa Parguito accommodation well in advance during public holidays.