Playa El Yaque

Margarita Island - Playa El Yaque - windsurfingPlaya El Yaque, located on south of Margarita Island, is regarded as one of the top ten locations for windsurfing in the whole world. The windy conditions are ideal for windsurfing, and the shallow waters are also a plus. Kitesurfing is becoming increasingly popular these days too.

If you are a beginner there are schools for learning how to windsurf and kitesurf, and you won’t find it difficult to find equipment for hire either.

If you aren’t interested in either of these activities and would just like to sunbathe you might be better off choosing a different beach, as the winds can tend to blow up the sand a bit which can be somewhat unpleasant when you are lying down.

Swimmers may also find the water too shallow and would be wise to choose one of the other beaches on Isla Margarita with better swimming conditions. On the other hand, Playa El Yaque is the choice of some families precisely because the shallow waters are safer for their children to play in.

There are also trips available on banana shaped boats, which are a huge hit with the kids.

Although it is possible, and indeed very enjoyable to stay at Playa El Yaque, it does not have quite the range of accommodation options found at beaches like Playa El Agua, although there are some hotels here if windsurfing really is your thing. There are also a number of restaurants, shops and bars to cater to your needs.