Playa El Agua

Beaches on Margarita Island - Playa El AguaPlaya El Agua is the most popular beach on Margarita Island and it’s not hard to see why: more than two miles of beautiful white sand with gently swaying palm trees on one side and the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea on the other – paradise.

Behind the palm trees you will find the strip which stretches out parallel to the beach, which is home to hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and services such as beach chair hire and showers. There is also a supermarket and a busy flea market.

You may be approached by locals offering you anything from sunglasses to a fresh fruit juice drink but they are friendly and polite, and will respect a simple “no thanks/ningunas gracias” if you are not interested.

Playa El Agua is popular with both Venezuelans and international visitors of all ages. It’s a wonderful spot for walks, sunbathing, swimming or just plain lazing around.

You can also arrange activities like scuba diving trips, fishing and horse riding, and snorkelling equipment can easily be found for rent.

The range of food available is good and the seafood in particular is wonderfully fresh, whether you are looking for a light snack or a full meal. And why not enjoy the tropical sunset with a delicious cocktail or two?