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Your Guide to Visiting Venezuela

Venezuela - photo palm treeWelcome! If you are planning to visit Venezuela, on this site you will find some essential information and a selection of places you may want to visit when you are here.

This is a guide to accommodation, things to see and places to go and everything else you need to know when you visit Venezuela.

An Introduction to Venezuela
Venezuela is an amazingly diverse country: from the peaks of the Andes to the long stretches of sunny beach, the beautiful Caribbean islands, the hustle and bustle of busy Caracas to the vast areas of Amazon rain-forest – whether you are visiting Venezuela purely for pleasure or as part of a business trip, we hope to help you make your visit a great one.

The country has a wide variety of locations including the beautiful Caribbean coast in the north and the dense Amazon rainforest in the south. In the west, Venezuela offers visitors the snow peaked Andes mountains, while the east provides the jaw-dropping Gran Sabana plateau. The isolation and diversity that Venezuela provides makes it much different to other locations in the Caribbean. You have an amazing range of options open to you when when you visit Venezuela. It really is the ideal place for a unique getaway.

Nature-lovers may be interested to know that Venezuela is host to many exotic species of animal such as the anaconda, great condor, and jaguar. Over fifteen percent of the entire world’s bird population is located in this country. In short, there is no shortage of beautiful things to see in Venezuela!

Places to Visit in Venezuela
The number of holiday options in Venezuela is vastly unique. One may visit the capital in Caracas and admire the beautiful and stoic architecture. Others may enjoy hiking and rock climbing in the rough interior of the country. And, of course, there are plenty of gorgeous beaches that are surrounded by plentiful palm trees for those who love a beach vacation.

Although Venezuela does not have a railway system, it boasts an advanced road network that has been developed to promote tourism all over its land. The interior of the country has been widely untouched by modern developments and many of its communities have continued to live in the same way for hundreds of years.

Caracas is where you want to be if you are in search of a big city. It has some of the most impressive modern architecture that can be found in South America. The capital of Venezuela boasts new hotels, five star restaurants, high class shopping, and top of the line sporting facilities. Those interested in historical tours may visit the Plaza Bolivar, which includes the Casa natal de Bolivar; the home of cultural hero Simon Bolivar.

While undeniably a heavily urbanized city, behind the development are more than 400 years of history and you will find an almost unending series of places to visit and things to enjoy. With an elevation of 900 meters the climate is pleasantly sunny and warm, without the humidity and extreme temperatures that can be found elsewhere in Venezuela.

In Caracas hotels are abundant and range from basic low budget hotels and apartments to five star luxury accommodation. Dining out provides a tremendously wide variety of restaurants and there is such a diverse range of entertainment that you will never be at a loss for finding something interesting to do.

In between the Maracaibo, which is known for its oil, and the Orinoco Delta, you will find over a thousand miles of unparalleled beaches. Travel about twenty-five miles off this coast to find Margarita Island, a dream for local and visiting beach enthusiasts. It is here that tourists can find sun lit daytime fun and wild nightlife. Margarita Island offers sun-bathing, gambling, water sports, duty-free shopping, and days of laziness on its beautiful beaches.

Visitors to Venezuela will be sure to enjoy Angel Falls, which happens to be the tallest waterfall in the world at thirty-two hundred feet.

Action enthusiasts can head to the interior of the country for a rugged adventure. Explore the endless Andes mountains, hike on the many trails, take a horse out on one of our many trails, or ride the world’s tallest cable car over the tree line of the Amazon! No matter what gets your adrenaline pumping, there is surely something for you in Venezuela. The mainland also offers calm hideaways to tourists. The La Puerta Historic Site is perfect for anyone who wants a calm getaway while exploring the beautiful jungles of our country. Ride along calm rivers, explore historic churches, and enjoy a landscape that is second to none!

The Regions of Venezuela
When visiting Venezuela, there are four broad regions that one may explore. Each area has its own temperament and local culture. Here’s a little overview of what you can expect:
Andes – This mountainous area is much mellower than what you will find in the cities or on the coastline. It has an old-world charm with well mannered and formal inhabitants.
Caribbean Coastline – some of the best nightlife happens along the coast. Margarita Island – known locally as Isla Margarita – is a world-famous holiday destination.
Amazon Rain Forest – This area is primarily inhabited in by tribes of indigenous people. A fascinating area to visit, best seen as part of an organized tour.
Llanos – This area could almost be considered a modern day equivalent of the wild west. People are very patriotic and are proud of their local customs. Family is a big part of the Llanos culture.

Venezuela Highlights
Vacationing in Venezuela will be one of the best decisions that you ever make in your life. People who love big cities can visit the great capital of Caracas. Beach and party lovers can visit the Caribbean coastline or take a short boat ride to Margarita Island. Sightseers can enjoy Angel Falls, local wildlife, and beautiful Venezuelan landscapes. People who love action can enter the interior of the country at their own risk to enjoy hiking, rock climbing, zip lining, hunting, and camping. There is truly something to do for everyone from every culture. Venezuela has it all!

Venezuela Hotels and Accommodation
Whether you are traveling on a tight budget, here on business or wishing to stay in five star luxury, in Venezuela hotels are available in all levels of comfort and affordability. In the major cities you will have no trouble finding modern hotels of all types, while when traveling a little more off the beaten track the choice of accommodation may be a bit more limited. When staying at the beach areas and on islands like Isla de Margarita accommodation will range from modest beach huts to luxury resorts.

Quick facts about Venezuela
Official name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Capital city: Caracas
Language: Spanish
Population: estimated at over 28 million
Currency: Bolivar fuerte
Time zone: UTC – 4:30
Country calling code: 58
Voltage: 110 volts

For Venezuela tourism is an important part of life, we wish you a wonderful time when you visit and hope to see you soon.